Who doesn’t like to take pictures! And if you can earn from that picture, then how? Pictures can be sold online on many websites. Let’s take a look at the details of how to earn money by selling pictures online.

It is important to know about selling pictures online

Selling photos online basically means selling stock photos. However, you can also earn money by doing custom photography on various freelancing websites. In this post we will learn only about the rules of selling pictures online and the websites selling pictures.

If you want to earn money by selling pictures on online stock photography website, it is important to know some things in advance. Let us know about these issues first.

Most stock photography websites go through the approval process after applying. That means you can’t start selling by uploading pictures of your choice if you want. Your application will not be approved if the content of the specific platform does not match the standard and quality

Stock photography websites do not have the option to set your own price. That means your photos will be sold at a fixed price given by the platform.

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Popular stock photography sites offer exposure but have to compete with countless other creators. So, if your work is not better than others, it will be difficult to earn money by selling pictures.

Again stock photography websites but will not give you the full part of your income. It works a lot like a partnership. That means the websites will share part of the income with you.

The best website to earn income by selling pictures online

You can sell pictures online on multiple platforms in different ways. Let’s find out about the best websites to earn money by selling pictures online.

Own website

You can open your own website and sell your pictures there. However, if you do not know enough about your work, it can be very difficult to open your own website and sell pictures.

There is complete freedom to sell pictures on your own website. The price of the picture can be set at will. Again, the full amount of income can be kept to oneself, as there is no need to pay commission to any third party. Again, since you will have all the pictures on your website, at least there is no competition.


Shutterstock is the world’s largest stock photo site for selling photos online. According to Shutterstock’s new learning model, 30 to 50% of revenue is shared with the creator.

Your income from Shutterstock will depend on your contributor level, which depends on the total number of licensed images. For example, to earn 40% per download, your image must be downloaded at least 25,000 times.

However, there are some restrictions on shutterstock.com. The contributor level is reset every calendar year and the earnings per share comes down to 15%. In all, a contributor can earn from ২ 0.25 to ৫ 0.50 per royalty-free download.

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Adobe stock

Adobe Stock is one of the largest stock photo vendors. Note that most of the customers of Adobe stock are but designers who use Adobe stock for use in Photoshop, Illustrator or Premier.

Your income depends on the subscription model of the person who is buying your picture. Users of large subscription plans can earn up to ৩ 0.33 per picture if they buy pictures. Again, if the credit pack user buys the picture, he can earn up to ৩ 3.30 per purchase.

If you sell images with a custom license as an extended license on stock.adobe.com, you can earn up to ৬ 28.40 per image. However, most of the video sales, about 57 to 60 dollars can be earned. Successful creators are also given access to Creative Cloud Apps as a bonus program.


500px (500px.com) can be a great website to start earning money by creating free online portfolio and selling pictures online. Already more than 18 million photographers sell images through 500 pixels.

With a free plan of 500 pixels, a maximum of 6 pictures can be uploaded per week. If you want to upload more than this, you have to buy a subscription plan. From this website you can get 30% revenue for non-exclusive content and 70% revenue for exclusive content.

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Istok and Getiemages

There are many similarities between the contributors of istockphoto.com and gettyimages.com. For example, in the contributor program of iStock, you can apply through GetImages. 15% to 45% of income can be earned from ice stock. If you can be an exclusive contributor then the amount of income can be more. Note that GetImages only takes high quality pictures of professional quality. Getty Images is Iscot’s parent company.

Ways to make money by selling pictures online


Pickfair is a bit different from other stock photo websites. You can set your own photo price at Pickfair and keep 100% of your income. Pickfair K can be compared to many portfolio websites.

However, the Free Pickfair account has some limitations. Up to 50 photos can be uploaded with Free Pickfair account. Again, the person buying the picture has to pay 20% fee. However, these limitations can be overcome through the Picfair (picfair.com) Plus plan.

Things to know for online income


25% to 60% commission is available through Dreamstime Contributor program. If you become an exclusive contributor again, you will get an additional 10% commission. However, to be an exclusive contributor, you need to have at least 50 approved images.

Dreamstime (dreamstime.com) sells stock images at the lowest prices, resulting in more customer and traffic to this website. This means that it is possible to generate revenue quickly through Dreamstime. Again, the income can be increased through extended license.