Some of the unpleasant aspects of Windows 11 (and their solutions

Like everything differently, Windows 11 has its ups and campo. numerous new changes have been made to the new interpretation of the popular operating system of Microsoft. still, with the invention, Windows 11 has also brought some unwelcome issues.

These unwelcome issues with Windows 11 can be fixed by editing third party tools and registry. In this post you’ll learn about some of the unwelcome issues of Windows 11 and how to break them.

Right click menu

In Windows, right- clicking on the right mouse button brings up a menu. This menu, familiar to all Windows druggies, has changed to Windows 11. This action menu will be missed by all Windows druggies.

presently Windows 11 shows some unlabelled bottom panels, with simple buttons at the bottom. Click on the button labeled” Show All conduct” but you’ll see the former environment menu.

still, by editing the Windows registry relatively fluently, you’ll be suitable to go back to the former favorite right click menu. First, click on the launch icon, which you can do by pressing the Windows key. also search and enter Registry Editor.

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Enter the ensuing address in the top address bar


Right click on the empty space and elect New and also Key. also enter the following textbook as crucial value

86ca1aa0- 34aa- 4e8b- a509- 50c905bae2a2}

also just right- click on the created law value. also first elect New and also Key. Enter the name of the crucial InprocServer32

Double click on the “( dereliction) ” key in the InprocServer32 brochure. also click the” OK” button without making any changes. This will be the blank value entry in the entry. also close the Registry Editor and renew the PC. After launching the PC, you’ll get back to the former right- click menu.

gratuitous taskbar particulars
Windows 11’s redesigned taskbar looks great, but it’s full of gratuitousicons.However, Virtual Desktop, Search or Microsoft brigades Chat point, If you don’t use the contraptions.
Right- click on any empty space in the taskbar and also elect the” Taskbar Settings” option. You can also disable any of the icons you want from the Taskbar particulars section.

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Dark mode
It would be wrong to call Dark Mode of Windows 11 Dark Mode, it’s principally a dark theme. It may feel a little too dark to numerous. And to use this point you have to turn to the settingsapp.However, you have to take the help of a third party app called Auto Dark Mode, If you want to use regular dark mode like Mac or Android.

Once installed, enter the” Time” section and set the Dark Mode schedule. You can also switch between light and dark mode by right- clicking on any app icon. The Global Roadway key can be set to turn Dark Mode on or off from the “ Switch Modes ” section.

Some of the stylish secret features of Windows 11

Resize taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar can not be resized to dereliction settings. This means that if the size of this taskbar doesn’t work for you, also no settings are handed to change it. still, it’s possible to break this problem through Registry Editor.

First enter the Registry Editor and also enter the following textbook in the address bar

Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

Right click on any empty space and elect New> DWORD( 32- bit) Value. also a new entry will be added at the bottom of the “ Advanced ” brochure. Brand it with the name” TaskbarSi”.

Double click on the “ TaskbarSi ” train. also, if you want a small taskbar, enter” Value Data” field” 0″ and if you want a large taskbar, enter any number lesser than” 2″ or” 1″ and click on” OK”.

After resuming the computer, the size of the taskbar will be streamlined.

Rules for turning off Windows 11 Auto Update

Move the taskbar
also there’s no option to move the taskbar to the side or top of the screen. But again with the help of Registry Editor you can set the taskbar at the top of the screen. still, there’s still no option to set the taskbar on the left or right side of the screen.
First enter the Registry Editor and also enter the following textbook in the address bar

ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer StuckRects3
Double- click the Settings train in the StruckRects3 brochure. also you’ll see “ Edit double Value ” window where you’ll see a table with numerous values. Go to the alternate row and elect the fifth value from the left wing. This value is” 03″ by dereliction.

To the right of this value, place the mouse cursor towards the end, press the backspace button formerly and set the value to” 01″. also close the registry editor by clicking on the” Ok” option. After resuming the computer, you’ll see the taskbar top.