Follow these precautionary measures to protect your Android phone


Numerous of us are reluctant to go around with a many thousand rupees in our pockets. But how important do we really watch about the safety of such an precious phone that we carry around in our pockets? What to do if your favorite Android phone is stolen?

Phone theft isn’t a new miracle. still, it’s better to set some important effects in advance than to rush to get a phone back after it’s stolen. In this post you’ll learn about some of the preventative measures that everyone should follow in guarding Android phone.
Screen Cinch set
One of the easiest ways to insure the security of an Android phone is to set a screen cinch. There are several types of screen locking systems, similar as pincodes, watchwords, patterns, etc. Every Android phone should have a cinch

screen set up as part of any security measure.

Most Android phones should use the physical point detector. Although nearly all Android phones have Face Unlock point, it doesn’t work like iPhone’s Face ID. still, point is a veritably dependable technology in ultramodern smartphones that will give ideal security to the device.

Turn on the” Find My Device” point
The stylish way to find a stolen or lost phone is to use Google’s” Find My Device” point. You’ll get this point of Google erected- in on utmost Android phones. This point is formerly running on utmost bias, so there’s no need to launch” Find My Device” independently. rather, you have to subscribe in to your Google account. But do not just calculate on guesswork, you should check this setting yourself.
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still, be sure to check if it’s working duly, If the Find My Device point is turned on. You can check if the point is working by entering” Find My Device Website” on any device.
You can visit our devoted post to know further about Google’s Find My Device. You’ll find all the information about this point in that post. Click then to view the post.

Ways to find a lost Android phone
Back up
still, the necessary data is also lost, If the phone is lost or stolen. either, we’ve a lot of recollections on the phone which is veritably delicate tolose.However, keep a backup in advance if you don’t want to lose important lines, If you have lost or stolen your phone.

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It’s better to make a habit of backing up your Android phone regularly. This saves you from losing important information on your phone. principally, you can fluently coagulate any Android phone with Google Drive. Google prints also has the installation to back up prints and vids. lines can also be backed up to colorful online stores. There are also numerous different ways to coagulate Android phones.

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Ways to coagulate Android phone

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redundant security measures
We formerly know how to use a screen cinch on a phone. still, outside of this screen cinch, you can give redundant security for sensitive documents as an redundant subcaste of security on Android phones. As a result, indeed if someone gets access to your phone, they won’t be suitable to find all your information.

nearly every phone presently has a erected- in point to hide lines. For illustration, Samsung’s phones have a” Secure brochure” point. lines, vids, filmland,etc. can be hidden in this brochure. Indeed the whole app can be hidden using this point of Samsung.
In addition to Samsung, Xiaomi, Realm,etc. brands of phones also have the installation to hide lines. You can hide lines on the bias of these brands by following the post given on the website.

Rules for hiding filmland or lines on Xiaomi phone

Rules for hiding lines on Realm phone

Save the IMEI number of the device
still, it has to be reported to the applicable authorities, If the Android phone is stolen or lost. The IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is needed to report this to the authorities. This number is different for each device. This is fully different from the SIM card number.
Still, it’s better to take action before losing than to lose, If commodity is lost or stolen. So from now on, follow these tips to insure maximum security of your favorite Android phone.