Idle Sleep Hybrid Bed Review for 2020

When shopping for a brand new mattress, you not only want it to feel amazing on the first night but also to keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come.

The folks at IDLE Sleep, who have over 20 years of expertise in the mattress business, are looking to amp up their longevity by returning to tradition with a dual-sided construction that can be flipped and rotated, which they say helps reduce the chance of uncomfortable sagging.

In our in-depth review of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid, we will take you through all the foams and springs to see if this bed has the pressure relief and support you will need to stay sleeping soundly for years to come. Though the brand also comes in a Luxury Firm, we are reviewing the Medium.

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You will love IDLE Hybrid if you:

  • Are shopping for a hybrid – This bed combines the advantages of innerspring designs with the comfort of foam with a specially designed mix of the two. You will experience the bounce and airflow of springs, combined with the pressure relief and body conformance of foam, for a well-rounded and versatile sleep experience (you can learn more about hybrid models here).
  • Are looking for longevity – This brand backs their hybrids with a lifetime guarantee and claims that the flippable construction reduces the risk that the product will develop sags or body impressions over time, which can compromise a mattress’ support system and comfort.
  • Sleep hot – The company has included several features to help keep you sleeping cool on their product. From the cover’s phase change materials to airflow in both the foams and coils, this bed is designed to help prevent you from waking up sweaty.

You might not like IDLE Hybrid if you:

  • Want a memory foam feel – The comfort foams of this mattress are designed to be soft and buoyant and they quickly spring back into place once pressure is removed, which is a real advantage with repositioning. However, you probably will not experience the slow sink associated with many memory beds (and if you want to see memory foam models, you can see our top list for them here).

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a mix of performance foam and coils and comes to your house rolled into a box for easy transport to your bedroom, where you can unpack and unfold it onto the bedframe of your choice. It was designed to work well with many different types of frames, from platforms to slats to adjustable bases.

The cover contains proprietary Thermocool™ technology that uses smart fiber cross-sections that maintain a comfortable temperature by carrying heat away from the body when it warms and returning it when it cools. It is both soft and cool to the touch and is stretched to cover the 14-inch mattress.Idle sleep

  • The first layer is 1 inch thick and is made from IDLE quilting foam that gives the surface added plushness and comfort.
  • The second layer is also 1 inch and uses Air Flow Response Foam that is ventilated for temperature control while adding to the bed’s overall bounce.
  • The third layer contains 2 inches of Cooling Buoyancy Foam that has been specially formulated to provide the body conformance of traditional memory foam while having a quicker response time and less heat retention.
  • The fourth layer builds the support system with 6 inches of Quantum Edge-to-Edge pocketed coils that can reduce your experience of motion transfer while keeping your spine resting straight.
  • The fifth layer begins the opposite side with another 2-inch layer of Cooling Buoyancy Foam.
  • The sixth layer is the same as the second layer.
  • The seventh layer repeats the first layer.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

The firmness of this hybrid mattress’ Medium option falls on our scale at a 5.5 out of 10, when 10 is the firmest. Beds that are right in the middle of the firmness spectrums tend to work really well for a lot of different individuals and the positions they prefer. If you are better served by a firmer feel, their Luxury Firm option scores at about a 8.5 out of 10.

The cover of this hybrid feels cool to the touch, and lying down on it, the mattress feels plush and soft, due to the quilting layer of foam on the top. This is followed by highly responsive foams that hold your body in a deeper cradle without making you feel like you can not move around.

Because the foams pop back up and the mattress has a moderate overall bounce, you should not have any trouble repositioning. Combination sleepers should enjoy the versatility of the Medium as they navigate between lying on their back, stomach, and side.Idle Hybrid Bed

firmness scale for idle hybrid updated

Back sleepers should enjoy how the softer layers conform to their lumbar region while the coils in the support layer hold their spine in good alignment (find out more about this here). Keep in mind, this brand does come in a Luxury Firm if you prefer something harder or carry extra weight and require additional support.

Side sleepers should feel their curves are well accommodated in the soft foams of the Medium and shouldn’t experience any uncomfortable pressure points that sometimes occur in this position because all of the body’s weight is concentrated on a narrower surface area (Why? See the full guide here). The coils beneath the foams should also help maintain spine alignment.

Stomach sleepers need to ensure that their hips, which tend to be heavier, remain even with the rest of their body, and if the surface is too soft, they might find their spine is not perfectly aligned (you can learn more about that here). Lighter and more average weight stomach sleepers should feel fine on the Medium, but many who stick to this position exclusively may feel better served by the Luxury Firm, especially if they carry more weight in their middle.

Overall, the company recommends the Luxury Firm model for anyone who is significantly heavier than average, so you may want to keep that in mind when selecting a feel for this mattress.


Motion Transfer

All-foam brands excel in this category and innerspring mattresses typically do not perform as well. Hybrids, depending on the ratio and characteristics of their component parts, typically perform somewhere in the middle.

Despite the bounce of the IDLE hybrid, motion transfer is fairly minimal, especially compared to other hybrids in the bed-in-a-box category. If you sleep with another person and are worried about disturbing their rest with movement, this hybrid may be a good choice for you.


Edge Support

Because bed-in-a-box brands are rolled up, their edge support does not always excel. However, the Quantum coil unit and 14-inch height play a large part in making the edges of this hybrid secure whether you are lying down or sitting on the side. If you share your mattress and want to maximize the space you both have to spread out, you will want a sleep space with great edge support.


Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – There are two firmness options you can choose from: Medium and Luxury Firm.
  • Trial Period – If you are unsure about your purchase, you can try this product for 120 days to see if it works for you and your partner. If not, you can send it back for free.
  • Warranty – This product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Shipping – The brand ships free of charge throughout the continental U.S. and parts of Canada, and return shipping is free as well.
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service – In select locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, you can choose to have your purchase brought to your house by professional movers and placed in your bedroom.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – This certification indicates that the materials have been tested by a third party organization and has met safety standards that check for chemicals like formaldehyde and lead.
  • Made in the USA

Final Thoughts


IDLE Sleep takes on longevity with their dual-sided mattress with advanced comfort foams and high-end coils to keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come.

Materials & Quality: 9.4
Support & Comfort:9.3
Edge Support:9.5
Value for Money:9.3

IDLE Sleep parlays 20 years experience in the mattress business with a flippable mattress that they say increases the brand’s durability and comfort over the long term. Whichever firmness you choose—Medium or Luxury Firm, this luxury hybrid was designed to create a comfortable balance between support and pressure relief.

The comfort foams and cover are integrated with quality cooling technology that keeps you from overheating while nestled in the mattress, and the Quantum edge-to-edge support system should keep your spine straight at every corner of the bed’s surface. Its 14-inch height offers a lot of quality, and you will hardly believe it sprang out of a box.

Because you can rotate the mattress, the company claims you should be able to put off replacing the mattress longer than if you chose a one-sided mattress. They back their claims with a generous lifetime warranty and an opportunity to try the mattress out for free for 120 days.

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