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Google Adsense Revenue Sharing

The Google AdSense profit sharing service is a means provided by the site management so that the owner of the content of the topic (the original author of the article) can achieve a specific percentage of financial profit through the Google AdSense ads that are within his topic on the site, and in Arab sites the percentage of Google AdSense profit sharing varies from site to site, as The application system differs from one site to another, but in all cases the author’s AdSense account ID (Pub-ID) is placed in his profile on the site, and accordingly these profits are calculated.

eBlogMedia is the first Bangla site for sharing profits in general, as well as the first and only Arab site so far that provides an official AdSense profit sharing service, where the profits are divided directly from within the Google AdSense platform itself , using any type of account, whether a regular account or Hosted, where AdSense approved the Egyptian Nojoom site as an official profit-sharing site in September 2019, and AdSense itself directly shares the profit at a rate of 80% for the author of the article and 20% for the management of the Egyptian Nojoom site, as shown in the picture.

The site has been operating since 2009 with a profit-sharing system of 80% for the owner of the topic, based on the principle that the first people to profit from the site are the authors of the site and the owners of the content inside it.

The difference between profit sharing through the exclusive Google system in eblogmedia, and other sites

    • Any other site that follows the system of switching ad units so that the advertisement appears at certain percentages to the user and the rest of the percentage to the administration, and for this reason storing pages (cache) on some sites may cause a failure to achieve justice or the ideal division of profits, as it is theoretically possible that the administration’s advertisement or the member’s advertisement will continue to appear for a number of More visitors than the prescribed percentage, while in eblogmedia, AdSense itself shares the profits at a rate of 80% for the owner of the topic and 20% for the management of the eblogmedia site, and this achieves the best fairness and the most effective and stable method in sharing Adsense profits.
    • Only Google AdSense accounts hosted in Nojoom Masriya can be used.
    • You can open your own Google AdSense account after writing a number of topics in eblogmedia.

How to start earning with the profit sharing system

1- Read the Google AdSense Terms carefully.
2- Read the terms of the eblogmedia website carefully.
3- Correspond with the site manager: eblogmedia by sending a private message on Messenger (Facebook) containing your email and full name. Important note: The memberships available to non-journalists are contributor memberships, where topics are subject to monitoring until the administration is sure that the writer has become eligible for direct publication.

Is it possible to open a new AdSense account using your posts in eblogmediaStars?

Yes, it is possible, but this is only available to writers, YouTubers, and professional content creators, with previous experience in electronic, paper, or video journalism.

Is it possible to use an AdSense account hosted on eblogmediaStars?

Yes it is possible, starting from September 2019.

What distinguishes the eblogmediaStars website from other AdSense revenue sharing sites?

1- Nojoom is the first and only site in the Arab world to provide direct profit-sharing service through the Google AdSense platform, with official accreditation for the first time in the Arab world.
2- The eblogmedia Stars website is an approved site in Google News .
3- A Facebook page documented with the blue mark, God willing, and there is no power except with God, praise be to God, as well as an Instagram account documented by the grace of God.
4- We have been providing the service since 2009 successfully, praise be to God.
5- The site is registered with the Egyptian Supreme Media Council.
6- The site belongs to the eblogmedia  Stars Company for managing electronic content and developing web applications, based in Giza ( contact us ), which is well-known and registered in an Egyptian commercial register.
7- The first Arab site to provide profit sharing service in general.
8- Working on the site in the current period has become a certificate of experience for general work in the future in the field of electronic content industry.
9- It is possible to work with a hosted Adsense account.
10- An AdSense account can be opened from the beginning using your posts in eblogmedia Stars.

As a YouTuber or primarily as a video content creator, how can I make extra income with eblogmedia stars?

Putting a link to your topics from eblogmedia stars in the first comment on the video and pinning it is an excellent way to generate income from short videos.
Full details of this method are in this article:

For contact and any inquiries:

Please write to the site manager directly: eblogmedia

Explanation of how to link your AdSense account to the Egyptian Nojoom website:

Explanation of how to open an Adsense account using your topics in eblogmedia: