Rules and benefits of using Visa card in bKash account (with bonus)


Visa card development is relatively easy to use. still, if you save the Visa card in the bKash account, you’ll get further benefits, because you don’t have to give the card information every time to add plutocrat from Visa card.

In addition, by saving the Visa card in the bKash app, you can get a perk if you add one thousand rupees or further to the bKash account doubly. doubly a thousand rupees( or further) if you accept bKash Ed plutocrat 50 rupees each time a total perk of 100 rupees. This offer is valid till April 30, 2022.
Let us know the details of how to use Visa card in bKash account.

Ways and benefits of using Visa card in bKash regard
Add plutocrat can be made to bKash account using locally issued Visa disbenefit card or credit card from any bank in Bangladesh. There’s no figure to use this service. You can also save the card for unborn use after making Ed Money for the first time.

To use Visa card in bKash regard

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Enter the bKash app by furnishing the bKash Leg
elect the” Add plutocrat” option
also elect “ Card to bKash ”
Now Elect” Visa”
Then by dereliction your development number willsit.However, give that number, If you want to add plutocrat by Visa to any other development number. Enter the quantum after giving the number.

also give your Visa card information, similar as card number, expiry date and CVV number. The CVV number is the 3 or 4 number number on the reverse of the Visacard.However, you can elect the option to save the card information, If you want to add plutocrat latterly with the same card.

also complete the sale by furnishing one time word( OTP) on the coming runner. A outside of Rs and 5 deals can be made from Visa card in one day. Up to rupees per month can be added to the development from Visa card.

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Rules for using Visa card with development
announcement plutocrat is subtracted from the bank account in this case, but the plutocrat isn’t credited to the development account. It’s hoped that in this case the quantum will be reimbursed within the coming 7 working days.

still, please communicate the development authority, If for any reason you don’t get the finances back. It’s hoped that bKash will break this problem within coming 10 workingdays.However, the issuer complains to the bank, If the plutocrat isn’t returned indeed after all this. This problem will also be resolved according to the Visa Card policy.

What’s the difference between Visa Card and MasterCard?

still, card saving or OTP screen, communicate the issuing bank and ask them to turn on the card’s’e-commerce sale’ point for online deals, If the process doesn’t work duly due to a problem with the plutocrat transfer.

IPhone druggies may face the same problem indeed after launching the point of online sale. In that case let the card issuing bank know about your problem.

In case thee-commerce sale is still open, the sale can not be done using the saved card, but the sale is being done with the unsaved card, in which case communicate the issuing bank and report your problem. Inform the card issuing company about the point of sale using saved card without CVV.

What you need to know before taking a credit card

After thee-commerce sale is turned on, there may be repeated problems with the OTP screen if the issuing bank’s OTP or two- factor authentication system isn’t turnedon.However, inform the issuer bank about the problem, If you encounter such a problem.