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Who are we

  • Owner and founder of the site: MD Emran Hossain
  • Editor-in-Chief: MD Emran Hossain Italy
  • Editor-in-Chief: Jafor

The eBlogMedia website is issued by the “eBlogMedia” company, which is a company for Internet and mobile applications and electronic content management for its owner, MD Emran Hossain, and its headquarters is in Dhaka – Republic of Bangladesh.

The eBlogMedia website was established in September 2019, and its current owner, MD Emran Hossain, founded the eBlogMedia website. It is an Bangla news service website (electronic newspaper) in the Bangla language. Its editor is headed by Professor “MD Emran Hossain Italy”, and in October 2021 the site was registered with the Supreme Council for Organizing The media, according to the press and media regulation law approved by the Bangladeshi People’s Assembly in July of the same year, is based on editing “eBlogMedia”, a group of young editors and correspondents, who do not have a unified political, cultural or religious affiliation, and you will always find news on Bangla Stars differently but always Completely impartial without taking sides.


eBlogMedia aims to provide a distinguished news service, and our most important priorities are the following:
1- Credibility: A number of clear laws have been set for work, whose role is to make the title as accurate as possible to describe the content, and for the writer to rely on several reliable sources when reporting the news.
2- Browsing speed: eBlogMedia uses a number of very advanced technologies that aim first and foremost to provide the best possible browsing speed on the Internet.
3- Security: eBlogMedia is the first Arabic website to provide its content via the secure internet protocol https.
4- Coverage areas and their diversity: Egyptian stars are interested in everything that is popular in the BANGLA world, such as breaking news from Egypt, news from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, coverage of currency and gold prices, match times and channels that transmit them, and the results of certificates and colleges.

reason of calling

The name “eBlogMedia” was adopted for the site, as the site, at its inception, limited its coverage to news of Bangla art and stars, and despite the fact that the site’s sections branched out later, the name has remained in use to this day.

work team

Chairman of the Board of Directors
MD Emran Hossain

MD Emran Hossain


The full work team list according to the number of topics

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About “eBlogMedia”:

eBlogMedia (eBlogMedia.com) is an Bangladeshi independent online news web portal established in September 2019, The portal is an entity of “eBlogMedia” Bangladeshi company for electronic content production, established December 2021, and based in Dhaka- Bangladesh.

Editor in chief: MD Emran Hossain

CEO: MD Emran Hossain

The website is officially registered with the Bangladesh Supreme Council for Media Regulation.